Breaking down communication silos

People are spread across more locations than ever before: 37 percent of workers telecommuted in 2015. Companies have multiple locations and business partnership across the globe. Departments such as IT, HR, Marketing, etc., are distant from each other due to separate projects, despite being in the same company. Further separation and limited teamwork and collaboration lead to unfortunate barriers.

These silos can affect your business. Barriers between people often disrupt communication across your company. Well that’s not all. Let’s have a wider look at the impact communication silos can have.

  • Limits communication and impedes culture – Eventually, separated departments can inhibit your company’s culture. Employees seek collaboration and communication to grow the work environment. People themselves want to feel like they’re part of a team. Forty-seven percent of workers find it motivating when people have conversations about success while at work.  So connecting teams is important.
  • Creates repeat work – Sometimes you frustratingly discover that someone else is looking for the same information at your company and doing the same work (most likely on another team or in a different department). If a team can’t see what another team is doing, it can critically impact your business’s productivity.  Prevent double work.
  • Blocks information from those who need it – Average workers spends nearly 20 percent of their work week looking more information, or tracking down colleagues internally who can help with tasks.

Surprise! Surprise!

Now you can find the communication tools to break down communication silos, this enables employees to share idea more than ever.

connect employees



Seamless transfer of sharing files between teams, tools, devices and departments.

The proper platform, business apps, or a suite of well-integrated tools will empower a connection between people in an organization.  Team sites can better help employees to collaborate on documents, store information and manage projects. Create one easy place to find it all by allowing cross-teams to document their work with real-time sharing and editing.  This supports collaboration on several levels.

To help improve efficiency, people should have virtual access from anywhere around the globe and from mobile devices to make information secure and enable collaboration across distance.

streamline file management



People are unaware of what others are working on because they don’t interact on regular basis. Cross-organization communication can break down these communication silos with the help of enterprise social networks. Employees can start learning to solve problems, create successes, or crowdsource ideas within an enterprise social network such as Yammer. Companies often face management problems and executive silos which are created by the hierarchy of the company, internal communication practices, and company lifestyle. You can break down these barriers with a team based communication tool.  Help employees engage in conversations.




There are communication tools which are easily accessible such as messaging, voice call, video conferencing, and more.  These help employees in multiple ways to reach out to their customers. If allowed to choose the right method of communication, employees build stronger interpersonal relationships by with internal and external customers. Skype for business and the Microsoft suite of communication tools is a great start.


EX-OP can help you improve communications

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