One hot topic of discussion at the recent Microsoft World Partner Conference was the Microsoft Licensing changes coming soon. 

Several key licensing rules will be updated for a number of products, and some current license offers will expire.  These changes are set to occur later in the 2016 calendar year.

In light of these changes, we have found that most Microsoft customers will be overpaying for the same products and services due to a lack of reassessment.  Previous licensing rules that may have been a good deal for some time, will soon be obsolete. 

If you contact EX-OP now, we can help you prepare for your next round of Microsoft licenses in light of the upcoming changes.  These adjustments will result in a big savings for your company which would otherwise be lost.  

For no fee we can help you do the following:

·        Review your company licensing usage.

·        Review your company licensing plans.

·        Provide an assessment of the savings opportunities that the new licensing changes can bring to your company.

Contact us for an assessment: