Time for the next round of IT cost savings! Get ready for Q3 IT cost savings opportunities.  Do you know how EX-OP can add value to your organization? Below, explore some of the many ways that we can help you save bundles on your IT expenses in Q3 of 2016.

This is your guide to immediate IT savings!

Microsoft – September is the quarter end for Microsoft!  Are you in the midst of some level of conversion to the cloud for things like email and desktop productivity tools? The stakes are high, as you are losing your ownership interests in the software, but not getting equitable cost relief. We can help you get more value and pay less. Let’s talk about your Microsoft plans – no matter where you are in the life-cycle, we can help.

Cisco – July is Cisco’s FYE and they don’t really have a big hockey stick sales approach for their FYE like some other suppliers do, but it serves as a good reminder to check on your networking (and more importantly infrastructure needs). Normal Cisco SmartNet renewals are rarely a good deal – you have really good options to significantly lower costs in this area. May we show you how?

Infrastructure: We also want to discuss your needs in these 4 areas of infrastructure clients pay too much:

  1. Telecom (Local, Long Distance, LAN, WAN, Wireless, and CPE) All companies have phones, networks, and equipment and regularly pay too much!
  2. In-House Infrastructure (networking equipment, servers, storage, backup-software, HA/DR/BC, etc.) All companies have networks, servers, storage, and other sophisticated software to manage this technology. In addition, this category is under tremendous disruptive pressure from modern suppliers where we are seeing hefty savings opportunities.
  3. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (feasibility, planning, sourcing, implementing, managing). We can help anywhere in the life-cycle for IaaS and PaaS solutions. Suppliers like Amazon (AWS), Google (GCE), Rackspace, and even Microsoft (Azure) are growing considerably. Today, we see testing, development, seasonal loads, and peak production overflows going to the cloud or moving everything to the cloud.
  4. Managed Services (market analysis, evaluating, sourcing, renegotiating, and managing) Because the very nature of what these managed service providers are doing – the industry is changing dramatically. There is significant disruption in this space. Most providers have automated their business processes and gone from an 80-20 model of people to technology to a 20-80 model, where the technology does more of the work. This changes the cost of these services dramatically, and puts new challenges on operational excellence and on operational excellence and supplier management.

This is only the beginning of significant IT savings for your business.  When you choose to partner with EX-OP, we help you execute IT saving strategies that can save you an unbelievable amount of money.

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EX-OP Procurement Team