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Am I Overpaying Microsoft?

Using Microsoft solutions is almost a must-have for the modern business. However, most companies don’t have an optimized Microsoft purchasing plan. Download this white paper to see if you are overspending on Microsoft licensing.

Data Visualization with Power BI

Microsoft and Power BI have partnered to bring exceptional data visualization capabilities.  Learn about how this can take your organization to the next level, and how EX-OP can help you get started.

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement at a Glance

Learn about the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and see where you can unlock the value of your Microsoft licensing.  After your high level review, contact us to see how you can save even more.

Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Suite at a Glance

Learn about the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Suite and how it can change your storage and mobility plans.  Contact us for more info.

Microsoft Server and Cloud Enrollment Datasheet

Explore your options for enrolling in Microsoft’s server and cloud licensing.  Contact us for more info.


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